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On this site, you can find a digital and multilingual publication of Spinoza's Ethics that offers several translations, hypertextual navigation and search tools.

For now this work is in progress. These versions of Spinoza's Ethics have been already published :

- the complete Latin version (Gebhardt)
- the English translation by Elwes
- the French Appuhn's translation
- the Italian Renato Peri's translation
- the German Jakob Stern's translation
- the Dutch Nico van Suchtelen's translation
- the Spanish Vidal Peña's translation

(We're looking for some others versions, so if you know one, please contact us by using this form.)


NEW TOOL : find all proposition's ancestors
New search tool that permits to see all enunciations directly or indirectly used by one proposition (all "ancestors") : you'll find this tool on this page search page (third tool).


NEW : Android App "Ethica" (beta)
If you use an android smartphone, you may intall this app for consulting Spinoza's Ethics on it. Then you can search for "123d", for example, to get demonstration of proposition 23 of part 1.
You can get this application and more informations about it at Google Play.


This website - using PHP/MySQL and under GPL licence - specially tries to offer an easy way to compare different versions of the text (different languages, different translations) : first, you can choose your main version, using the "VERSIONS" menu always visible at the right; second, for each piece of text, you can easily show or hide these different versions in situ.
For more information about Ethica DB usage, please see the help page.

A search engine can help you to find a word or an expression in each version of the text.
There is also a contributive thesaurus for each version of Ethics : you can add your own terms to them, and see equivalents in other versions.

The main goal of this website is to offer many versions of Spinoza's Ethics, in many languages, so if you want to contribute to this work, please contact me by using this form.

Julien Gautier
Philosophy teacher (France)
January 2010 - May 2013

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